The Grand Roadtrip - Week 1

Germany - Italy

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Here is a short compilation of videos I took with my drone within the first week (sorry if the videos are shaky at some points, I editted the video on my mobile when I was on a train).

Here is a short compilation of videos I took with my drone within the first week (sorry if the videos are shaky at some points, I editted the video on my mobile when I was on a train).

Much like many things in my life, my roadtrip started in Bremen. There is a lot starting in Bremen, we’ll see if they end here.

The last part of my elective period I originally wanted to spend in Hamburg. But as I enjoyed my stay on Martinique so much and also I still want to imrpove my French, without further ado I applied to every city in the South of France, and Montpellier was the first to accept my application, so my journey took me there. I saved all my vacation days from the second part of my elective period so I had 10 days plus three weekends off. I originally wanted to go surfing for 2 weeks, but unfortunately I could not find any friends that were free or wanted to go surfing. Then I started thinking about my trip in a convertible from Paris to Deauville and thought: I should go on a roadtrip.

And as it is summertime, the roadtrip simply had to be in a convertible again. I just do not own one, so I called up Fiat. Turns out they loved my idea and gave me a Fiat Spider 124 for my purposes! So my whole trip was in cooperation with Fiat. Thank you so much for that!

With the new Spider 124, I started my journey towards the south of France. Awesome! Driving a convertible at 30° C! 🙂 Only negative part: It’s a convertible, which means very limited space for luggage. I started my trip with two trollies, two backpacks and a lot of photography equipment. Along the way I had to leave half of this behind though because my fellow passengers needed space too.

16.6.17 On Friday we celebrated my farewell with a couple friends back in Bremen. It got pretty late and ended very happy with many invitations for the next three months. We’ll see who will actually make it to Montpellier to visit me. Saturday afternoon I then started my trip, first stop was Hamburg.

17.6. In Hamburg I visited some friends I was working with on Martinique. Shortly after getting there, the action should start all over again. We enjoyed the Hamburg lifestyle on a beautiful sunny day. We visited a festival, several bars , probably ate the cheapest pizza you can get in Hamburg (2 Euros), went to the Drip Bar (highly recommended and then the evening ended like all good nights Hamburg (no, not in the Herbertstraße).

18.6. The next morning weh ad breakfast together. Around 13:00 I started to make my way to Göttingen with a stopover in Hanover. Thus began the only day of my roadtrip with traffic jams. At 2 pm I finally made it from Elmsbüttel tot he outskirts of Hamburg.

…Traffic jam.

4:45 pm I made it to Hanover at last. I was on for lunch with my sister that day… more than two hours before I got there. Lunch turned out pretty short because oft hat, but it was still very nice. After that I left Hanover, just to get into the next traffic jam…

8:20 pm I arrived in Göttingen with more than 4 hours delay. No problem. The good thing about my delay was the sunny weather. Sitting in the convertible I could work on my tan despite my sunblock. I also visited friends in Göttingen that I had spend time with on Martinique. For dinner we went to eat African food along with banana beer. They asked us if they should serve it traditionally, to which we approved. So weh ad banana beer African-sytle – served in wooden bowls. Awesome.

The next afternoon my friends gave me a little tour of Göttingen, we climbed up a church steeple but then sonner or later I had to say goodbye as a still had 3-4 hours driving ahead of me.


19.6. The journey continued towards Heidelberg to visit one of my oldest and closest friends from school. As I had been to Heidelberg before, we skipped the sightseeing and focussed on talking and catching up.

20.6. Around afternoon I drove to Munich! Off into the pastel-colored dream in the middle of Schwabing. I visited a friend from school who now studies medicine in Munich. As chance would have it, some of my boys from college made Munich their home. So we met up for dinner in the evening, with another Malte, and then continued to stroll through Munich with ice-cream in our hands

21.6. By day I still had to arrange some organizational stuff before my last part of my elective period could begin. In the evening I was invited to a barbecue by a friend from Bremen and his fellow student and friend. And then my company fort he next three days spotaneously flew in. So by 8:30 pm I made my way to the airport and after that straight to Schwangau, Allgäu. For further detail on the next two days you can visit In short – two wonderful days in a wellness resort near Schloss Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau.


22.6. Schwangau


23.6. They way from Schwangau to Comer Lake takes you directly through the German Alps alongside the Zugspitze, though Austria, the Swiss Alps and at last through the North of Italy. Just divine by sportscar or motorcycle! Idyllic landscapes with mountain roads along crystal-clear mountain-streams that unite to torrential rivers that lead alongside the road. Speaking of roads, I should not forget to mention the serpentines. Lucky me again, right! Driving my convertible through the idyllic Alps with perfect weather. Honestly so beautiful and also probably the most beautiful part of my trip as a whole (also because my company made this part of the trip even more beautiful💁‍♂️💁).

What happened next was almost too surreal to be true. After we had spent two days in the magical idyll oft he Alps facing Schloss Neuschwanstein I was now impressed by the beauty of nature around Comer Lake. The symbiosis of (nearly) high-alpine landscapes, mediterranean flora along the riverside and the localities that strech high into the mountain really make Comer lake an experience you do not want to miss out on.

It couldn’t get any better than this, but Comer lake really cast a spell on me. We were simming in the lake and sunbathed on a jetty nearby. Nobody in sight except for a couple of sailing boats that came along every now and then. Dinner on the roof terrace with this sunset.. A magical place. Since the questions arose frequently – here AirBnb

24.6. The next day I drove to Milan with a short layover in Bergamo. In Bergamo my friend Max originally wanted to join my trip, but unfortunately he didn’t make it to his flight, although he spent the night 20 minutes away from the airport by car. Anyways, sometimes things just don’t go according to plan.

In Milan I met with Victor. Victor is a pretty cool, relatively famous photographer originally from Brazil and now living in Milan. He gave me a very detailed city tour. Six and a half hours later and struck down by the heat I could be giving sightseeing tours of Milan myself. We saw almost every landmark of the city, had delicious truffles, ham, cheese sandwiches with antipasti and , of course, ice cream. For dinner we than had typical Italian food. Altogether a perfect day!

25.6. – 02.7.2017 à Roadtrip Part 2 – coming next week

At this point I’d like to highly thank Fiat for equipping me with the Spider 124! Without the convertible, the trip wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun!

Pictures for those of you who want more impressions: